Jerald Young

Twice divorced — and happily married since 1993 — I agree with Margaret Mead when she said, “I’ve been married three times, all successful.”

Experiencing the death of a relationship is traumatic. Plus, embarking on life after divorce carries with it the fear of an unknown future. I call this cluster of trauma and fear the “pain of divorce.” In a nutshell, I help you end the pain of divorce — and begin the “dreams can still come true” next chapter in your life. —– Jerald Young is a Divorce Recovery Coach. He works with individuals who are struggling with their divorce/breakup and its aftermath. Using a proprietary 3-step, 10-module program, he helps clients stabilize their present emotional situation, release the baggage of past relationships and prepare for new ones that will last. The goal? Enjoy life as a single and, if you desire, choose a new committed relationship that will last.